Wednesday, 6 November 2013

It's raining babies!! (Actually it's only a shower)

Goodness me I have been away for ages - panic not I filled my time collecting photos for the many blog posts that will undoubtedly never get written. However, the thought was there and that's what counts!
In other news, I am finally on maternity leave (HURRAH!) I was more than ready for it but the waiting is annoying me already. No matter, before long my bestie will be sharing this joyous time of life with me as she is having her first baby about 8 weeks after me, which brings me to the purpose of my post. Baby showers.

Now I've been to them, I've had one (sort of, we went out for sunday lunch with the girls) but I don't really get them. We played some games, which was nice, and the mum got some attention and presents for the baby, also nice - but would this not have happened anyway? If I was good enough to invite to the shower, chances are I was already planning on visiting the mum and baby armed with enough nappies and muslin cloths to build a...well this really...

I think I'll call him Mortimer.

Anyway I am (slightly) put out that it is not me organising this shindig, and I have in fact been rather over looked in the whole thing, cue nose is out of joint face. To be honest my friend isn't really digging the whole thing either "I am NOT American!" so you know...probably for the best I'm not the one "forcing" this upon her. When questioned she did not want me to buy her anything for said shower, which I can see, we are both having girls within 2 months of each other so there is not really much point giving a pack of baby grows to receive the same back 8 weeks later.

Still, I refuse to turn up empty handed and suffer the disapproving glances of the organisers so I've bought practical basics (I'm the only mum going so I have the upper hand currently), and old Mortimer up there is stuffed with nappies, muslin cloths, bibs and socks to keep the pitter patters warm.

Now I'm not that creative and I saw this on Pinterest - I believe you can buy these things on Etsy for some ridiculous price, so I got on the one and only youtube for a bit of help and found this gem...

How to make a diaper owl

Brilliant. I watched it a few times, grasped the basics and Mortimer was born. I shall do a blog post later on showing my steps as I made it up a bit as I went along but it was surprisingly easy to do. Fingers crossed none of them turn up with a bloody diaper cake.

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